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Probably you’ve heard some stories about Dracula and his castle but I bet you didn’t get to know the most delicious dishes his grandmother used to make. And no, it’s nothing about blood unless you want a rare beef, otherwise I’m afraid everything here is warm and cozy, with kind people, just feeling happy to be at home.

You want to find out how it feels like beeing home for a Romanian? Do you want to know more about the roots of their kind souls? Well, our stuffed cabbage & minced pork with the traditional Romanian polenta, served together with cream may be one of the reasons? Or maybe our tripe sour soup? It may sound awkward but trust me, there are deep Romanian secrets you never get to know unless you step inside and take a spoon of this.

You think British people are experts in having fun? That means you never saw a Romanian dancing on his traditional music in a traditional environment, and I’m sorry to disappoint you, cider may have a great taste but you should try our Romanian drink made of apple and we’ll talk about it later. That being said you are gladly welcome to our warm restaurant. We would love to have you here, to meet Romanians. And to find out how they truly are not how you’ve heard they’d be.


Despre Noi

“Acasa” este locul in care sufletul surade, locul in care caldura nu se masoara in grade iar dorul se risipeste printre zambete. Acolo unde mancarea se face cu dragoste, acolo unde secretele nu se spun ci se simt, acolo unde cineva stie intotdeauna ce iti place si cat de mult.

“Acasa” este restaurantul nostru romanesc din Leytonstone in care noi am adunat toate retetele de pe rafturile bunicii si pe care ti le servim cu drag, cu muzica de-a noastra si cu voie buna. Pana la 65 de suflete se aduna aici sa-si aminteasca sa fie romani sau sa sarbatoreasca, iar daca hora este prea mare, noi le oferim a doua locatie pentru 200 de persoane. Nuntile, botezurile, zilele de nastere nu sunt niciunde ca ACASA.

Si pentru ca nici rasfatul nu se mai gaseste decat ACASA, iti aducem pranzul acolo unde esti tu, asa cum facea bunica.

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